When to Call a North Indianapolis Relocation Family Lawyer
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When to Call a North Indianapolis Relocation Family Lawyer

Relocating with children following a divorce can be a tricky situation. Parenting time may be impacted by relocation, which, in turn, can affect the ease or cost of following the parenting time schedule. Moreover, a relocating parent must notify the court and the other parent, who may formally object. In these cases, a North Indianapolis relocation family lawyer can step in and help parents navigate the process of seeking or objecting to relocation.

How a Knowledgeable North Indianapolis Relocation Family Lawyer Helps You Navigate Relocation Laws

If you want to relocate with your children or object to a relocation request, having an attorney in your corner can make a big difference. A knowledgeable North Indianapolis relocation family lawyer can handle communication with the other party and their attorney, develop a strategy for your case, and represent you in court. Here, family lawyer Brooke Lindsey explains the process.

The Rules and Process for Relocating Children after a Divorce

In Indiana, custodial parents generally cannot relocate children following a divorce without first filing with the appropriate court a notice of intent to relocate as outlined in Indiana Code § 31-17-2.2-1. The only instances in which a parent does not have to file a notice of intent are when there is an earlier order stating they do not have to file, when the move will decrease the distance between the new home and the non-moving parent’s home, or when the move is within 20 miles and will allow the child to remain enrolled at their current school.

The parent planning to move must file a notice of relocation 30 days before the intended move. Once the notice is filed, the non-moving parent has 20 days to file an objection to the relocation under Indiana Code § 31-17-2.2-5. If the objection is not filed within 20 days, the custodial parent is automatically granted permission to relocate.

At the request of either the relocating or the nonrelocating parent, the court will set the case for a hearing. A judge will then consider a variety of factors to determine whether to permit the relocation:

  1. The distance involved in the relocation;
  2. Indiana’s parenting time guidelines;
  3. The hardship placed on the non-moving parent to maintain a relationship with the child;
  4. The reason for relocation;
  5. The reason for objecting to the relocation; and
  6. Any other factors impacting the child’s best interests .

Not every attempt to relocate children must go through the courts. In some cases, parents can come to an agreement on their own. For example, they may negotiate an agreement that includes a certain number of visits per year or other specifics that the parties agree to. However, they should file any such agreements for court approval.

A North Indianapolis Relocation Family Lawyer Can Help You Seek Relocation

If you are seeking to relocate your children following a divorce, an Indiana relocation custody attorney can help you obtain the proper permissions by filing with the court and serving on the other parent the notice of relocation. If the non-moving parent objects to your relocation notice, a knowledgeable lawyer will help you try to negotiate an agreement out of court or build a case to convince a judge to grant your request.

Navigating a contentious relocation request can be an emotional and stressful process. A North Indy relocation family lawyer can help you get through this time. Having an attorney in your corner gives you the best chance of achieving the outcome you want.

Filing an Objection to Relocation in Indiana

If you are the non-moving parent, a relocation request can be a scary, upsetting event. If the moving parent is attempting to move far away, it can significantly impact your parenting time and relationship with your children. Your attorney will need to investigate the stated reason for relocation and identify how it will affect your parent-child relationship, parenting time, child support, and related matters.

In North Indianapolis, including Boone and Hamilton Counties and the cities of Lebanon, Zionsville, Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, Westfield, and Indianapolis, among others, a Carmel relocation family lawyer can help you file a strong objection, negotiate with the other parent, and present a persuasive argument in court.

Contact North Indianapolis Relocation Family Lawyer Brooke Lindsey

When you are in the middle of a relocation case, you need an Indiana relocation custody attorney who is knowledgeable, experienced, and compassionate. That’s exactly what you’ll find in Brooke Lindsey. Brooke has the skills necessary to help parents and custodians on both sides of the issue find an equitable solution. When you need a North Indianapolis relocation family lawyer, call Brooke at 317-819-0532 or fill out this online contact form.