About Brooke Lindsey, North Indy Family Lawyer

When your family’s future is at stake due to a divorce, child custody, financial support matter, or another family law issue, you deserve an experienced advocate who will fight for you. You need a dedicated and compassionate family lawyer like Brooke Lindsey.


How Is Brooke Lindsey Different from Other North Indy Family Lawyers?

Unlike general practitioners, Brooke, a North Indy family lawyer, accepts only family law cases, so she has the experience to provide exceptional counsel and advice to families and individual clients based on the most recent legal developments in family law. She is intimately familiar with not just Indiana family laws and rules but also local family court rules and forms such as those in Hamilton County.

Recognized as a Top Rated Family Law Attorney in Indianapolis, IN by Super Lawyers, Brooke serves clients in Boone County, Hamilton County, and the greater Indianapolis area as a partner at respected Indiana law firm Cohen Garelick & Glazier.

Brooke serves clients in the following family law areas:

Divorce and post-divorce modification and enforcement

Pre and postnuptial agreements and their enforcement

High asset divorce and business valuations

Child custody, parenting time, and relocation disputes

Spousal and child support establishment, enforcement, and modification

Legal separations

Paternity matters




Protective orders, among other matters

When Should You Contact a North Indy Family Lawyer?

Because family law cases involve so many aspects of your life, from financial matters to living arrangements to issues that affect your child’s future, consult with a North Indy family law attorney as soon as an issue arises. If you are considering a divorce, negotiating child custody, or experiencing other family law problems, you need to act quickly to protect your rights and interests.

Consulting with a lawyer at the first sign of trouble—or earlier by putting protective measures like a prenuptial agreement in place—is especially important in complex divorces involving extensive assets, real properties, funds, and business interests. Brooke understands how to create a strategic plan to address your complicated family and financial situation and can help protect your assets from the start.

Do You Need an Indianapolis High Asset Divorce Attorney?

Divorces that entail the distribution of significant assets can be particularly complex and stressful to the parties involved. An Indianapolis high asset divorce attorney can assess all marital property and assets, determine how and when those assets were acquired, and review any prenuptial or postnuptial agreements and other legal documentation or contracts.

This comprehensive review will inform the approach your attorney advises for moving forward and help you understand what to expect as you work together through the divorce and distribution of substantial assets.

Respected among Boone and Hamilton County Divorce Attorneys

Brooke’s clients receive personalized attention, respect, and a firm but compassionate approach to resolving family law matters. Using her vast experience, Brooke can anticipate potential conflicts and help you avoid or manage those issues while negotiating a fair settlement and arrangements on your behalf.

If a reasonable settlement is not possible through mediation, Brooke will vigorously advocate for you in court. She is dedicated to creating the best possible outcome while maintaining civil family relationships if possible.

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