Indiana Family Law Attorney Website Launch Announced
Image of a paper doll family being cut apart, symbolizing divorce and custody cases resolved by Brooke Lindsey, Indiana family law attorney.
Indiana Family Law Attorney Website Launch Announced

Indiana family law attorney Brooke Lindsey is excited to announce the launch of her website, Brooke Lindsey Family Law. Serving North Indy family law clients with her team at Cohen Garelick & Glazier, Brooke’s caring approach and depth of knowledge provide sound counsel and representation during trying times.

Brooke Lindsey is dedicated to helping her family law clients cope during times of personal crisis, using her extensive skills to navigate through difficult issues such as child custody and property division. Her clients depend on her experience and strategic thought in everything from prenuptial agreements to post-dissolution issues, as well as complex family law matters such as adoption and high asset divorce.

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About Brooke Lindsey Family Law: Brooke Lindsey is an Indiana family law attorney with the Indianapolis law firm Cohen Garelick & Glazier, where she provides a range of legal services, including divorce, child custody, agreements, adoptions, appeals, and enforcement.