Identifying High Asset Divorce Issues
Image of a wedding ring, representing how attorney Brooke Lindsey helps clients navigate high asset divorce issues in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Identifying High Asset Divorce Issues

Divorce is difficult in any situation. It can involve complicated logistics, deep emotions, and serious disputes like child custody. For couples with significant assets, divorce can be even more complex. Here, a North Indianapolis family lawyer helps couples in Boone, Hamilton, Marion, and greater Central Indiana counties identify what to watch for so couples can sort out high asset divorce issues and move on with their lives.

You Need a Knowledgeable Attorney for High Asset Divorce Issues

Each party to a divorce has obligations and rights when it comes to assets. A family lawyer with little experience in Indiana high net worth divorce cases can miss significant issues. A knowledgeable attorney can help clients understand what they are entitled to and how to achieve the best possible solution. Having an Indianapolis high asset divorce attorney in your corner to handle high asset divorce issues in central Indiana can make a big difference in achieving the overall outcome you want and need for your family.

How Divorce is Different With Substantial Assets

Divorce when one or both partners have significant assets or net worth is much different from a simple divorce. In both cases, the parties must agree—or the court must decide—on the division of assets such as vehicles, real estate, stock, and business holdings. However, dividing such assets can carry consequences affecting the nature or net value of an asset.

For example, division of an asset may have significant tax consequences, a factor the court is required to consider under Indiana Code § 31-15-7-7. Additionally, how large asset divorces are handled can affect matters outside the transfer of the assets themselves, including impacts on the following:

  • Business assets;
  • Child custody and support;
  • Retirement accounts; and
  • Pensions.

Couples with significant assets may also carry significant debt or have business dealings with third parties that must be managed.

An experienced Indianapolis high asset divorce lawyer knows the ins and outs of the divorce process and the unique issues applicable to large estate divorces and can help guide clients in the negotiation or litigation of common issues in Indiana large net worth divorce cases.

Common High Asset Divorce Issues

While some divorces can be handled amicably and both parties can come to an agreement on how assets will be divided, that is not always the case. Many times, attorneys for each party need to step in and attempt to negotiate an agreement. If no agreement can be reached, the parties may need to argue their proposed division of the estate to the court in a final hearing. The court will consider all of the evidence and arguments presented by each party to determine a just and reasonable division of the marital estate as defined by Indiana Code 31-15-7-4.

Common issues in divorces involving large assets include disputes related to identifying all of the property in the marital estate—which can include business interests of either spouse—and those regarding the just and reasonable division of property, debts, accounts, and interests. In some cases, one spouse may fail to disclose assets or debt or to identify an asset as one subject to division. Any attempt to withhold or hide assets can hurt your case, especially given that, most of the time, all of the assets and debts of either spouse will be uncovered eventually.

An Indiana high net worth divorce may also include consideration of a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. These agreements need to be evaluated to determine the impact on the division of assets and debts. Working with a knowledgeable high asset divorce lawyer with experience reviewing and interpreting existing legal documents can be critical to receiving recommendations that fully protect your interests.

Making hasty decisions early in the separation or divorce process or without guidance from an experienced high asset divorce lawyer can bring regret later. As an Indianapolis high asset divorce lawyer, Brooke Lindsey helps greater Central Indiana residents foresee potential issues that could arise in the divorce process and fight for a division of assets that is fair.

Preparing for High Asset Divorce Issues

Engaging legal representation as early in the divorce process as possible can be incredibly helpful, in some cases enabling you to avoid unnecessary costs and delays in your divorce. Your attorney drafts and files court pleadings and motions, including the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage that initiates your divorce, but also provides vital counsel on how Indiana divorce laws apply in your particular case. A lawyer retained in the planning stage can help you identify the documentation necessary to accurately demonstrate the marital estate, determine the value of those assets, and prepare a robust case supporting the just and reasonable division of marital assets.

Proper preparation will not only help your eventual chances of success but can also eliminate the unnecessary stress that can come with complex divorce proceedings. An experienced Indianapolis high asset divorce attorney can help you meet the requirements of filing for divorce, evaluate assets owned individually and jointly by you and your spouse, and explain your rights and obligations.

Work with an Experienced North Indianapolis High Asset Divorce Attorney

If you find yourself dealing with the division of significant assets in a divorce, contacting a knowledgeable, dedicated divorce attorney is a must. Brooke Lindsey is an experienced and compassionate Marion, Boone, and Hamilton County high asset divorce lawyer. She has helped clients navigate the negotiation process and come to a solution that works for them and she is a steadfast advocate for her clients in court when intervention is necessary. When you need an attorney to address high asset divorce issues, call Brooke at 317-819-0532 or fill out this online contact form.